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Conference SA offers you a complete conference, function or event service .... so when it comes to looking for the ideal venue for your next conference, let us assist you. This fantastic service comes at no additional charge to you... how?  .... well, we market on behalf of and do reservations for many resorts and facilitators and event companies throughout South Africa and will have the ideal venue or company, service that meets your conference requirements .... large or small we cater for everybody.

Definition of Conference:
1. A meeting of individuals or representatives of various bodies for the purpose of discussing and/or acting on topics of common interest.
2. A meeting of representatives of a corporate body that constitutes its legislative or governing body.

First established in 1997 and launched online in 1999, with this many years experience "we do it right"! Venues, entertainers, facilitators and other services all related to the conference market in South Africa.

We are therefore able to offer YOU AND YOUR COMPANY a comprehensive and meaningful conference reservation service. We eliminate the legwork that you would normally have to do yourself, in finding the appropriate conference facilities, conference facilitators, entertainment, conference transport, activities and other conference needs that you may have. These would normally take you an enormous amount of effort and time.


Conference SA offers you a professional conference booking service at no cost to you, instantly eliminating the hassle of you trying to find a suitable venue for your conference, let us assist you in putting together the perfect conference, function or event.


We look forward to being of service and to making your conference, event, bosberaad or imbizo a resounding success.

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conference welcome and about us