conference planning, guidelines for planning your conference

Planning your Conference

Conference Planning Guidelines:

This is a short overview and a guideline to the steps required to help you in planning and ensuring that your conference or seminar is planned successfully. We will take care of the other details for you.

As Early as Possible

  • Choose and plan the dates for your conference, estimate the number of conference delegates, meeting rooms and social events required.
  • Find a suitable conference venue
  • Give the conference organiser and venue names of the organizing committee member or members.
  • Arrange a site visit with your chosen conference venue.
  • Provide the conference venue with a holding deposit.

2 MONTHS ahead of your conference

  • Confirm original conference bookings and attendance estimate.
  • Provide a copy of your planned conference program.

ONE MONTH ahead of your conference

  • Confirm total number of conference delegates, numbers for meals and arrival and departure dates and times.
  • Inform the conference organiser of all audio-visual aids and registration areas required.
  • Provide organiser with the plan of your final conference program.

ONE WEEK ahead of your conference

  • Give the final numbers for conference accommodations, meals, social events, tea breaks and meetings.
  • Guaranteed numbers for all special food requirements or events must be confirmed at least 72 hours in advance.
  • Review the entire conference program with the conference organiser.
  • Confirm all your conference audio-visual needs.
  • Provide the conference organiser with a list of final arrival and departure dates of the conference delegates of those staying in residence and any special needs or requirements your delegates might have.
We look forward to being of service to you and to making your conference, event, bosberaad or imbizo a resounding success.
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conference planning, guidelines for planning your conference