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Conference and Team Build Facilitation and Facilitators 

The definition of facilitate is :
"To make easy, promote, help forward, (creating an action or result)"
and this is exactly what a good conference, event or team build facilitator does.

A good conference facilitator is vital to the success of a conference for facilitationConference Facilitators and facilitation both, in turn, pave the way for you and your colleagues to make something you would normally not imagine doing or creating not just possibility but a reality.


To achieve the result you want in any conference, event or team build a facilitator is essential.


TMS works closely with hand picked and professional conference, event and team building facilitators that can facilitate at the different conference and event venues around South Africa and up into Africa.

Facilitation is specialised and each facilitator has his or her own niche or area that they specialise in.

Lets take a look at a few of the different areas where facilitation is needed.

  • Intervention

  • Communication

  • Motivation

  • General teambuilding

  • Creative motivation

  • Brain storming

  • Conference assistance

  • Consulting

  • Planning of a conference, event or function

  • Decor or a themed event

  • Sports event

  • In house conference assistance

  • Charity and fund raising

The range and scope of and for facilitation is very wide.

Contact us, and once we have determined what your corporate, conference, event, function or team building facilitation needs are, we will be able to recommend the right facilitator for you. One that is going to meet and fulfill your needs. Let us take the guesswork out of it for you, and recommend and secure the correct and most effective facilitator based on your company needs and requirements.

Supporting services, facilitators and operators

We have the facilitators and supporting operators who will provide value-added services and assist with activities, events, conferences, training, venues and organisation.

  • Comprehensive Conference Consultants, Facilitators & Services.
  • General conference accommodation and venues.
  • Conference Operators, Conference General Services & Speakers

Contact us by calling us or simply click on the Enquiry link at the bottom of this page -

We look forward to being of service to you and to making your conference, event, function, bosberaad or imbizo a resounding success.
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Conference facilitation | facilitators | facilitation | facilitating at your next conference | South Africa and Africa