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Terms & Conditions

Please Note

For the protection of all venues on the Conference-SA web site we will limit the number of advertisers in each area, so a waiting list may sometimes apply. We cannot guarantee that we will accept all venue listing requests. We require a completed application form in order to assess whether we are able to add your venue to our website or if a waiting list applies.

One Venue per Listing.

Conference-SA will not accept more than one establishment, venue or property per listing.

Multiple Venues in a company, group of venues or venues in the same town or suburb.

If you own more than one establishment within the same company, group, town or suburb, you need to advertise each property individually.

Establishment Names

Please note that we will not list properties under any other name other than your registered business or the venue’s trading name.

Providing Accurate Information

Conference-SA strives to provide the users and visitors to our website with accurate and up-to-date information. Advertisers and venues are obliged to inform us of any important changes that take place at their establishments, including changes to grading, rates, services available, change of ownership etc.

Please note that we will not list properties in areas or suburbs that they are not located in. We will not list properties that are not relevant to the conference, conference accommodation and venue industry.

Venue Information Updates

Updates to your listing are done free of charge (within reason). All updates must be submitted to us in writing, or by email as no telephonic updates will be accepted.
Please submit these update requirements to;

Change of Ownership

Should you sell your establishment whilst you are listed on the conference-sa website, please notify us.(in writing via email or by fax). The new owner will be required to complete a new application and confirm that they have read, understood and agree to our terms & conditions.

Invoices & Payments

The annual advertising fee is payable on presentation of invoice. The invoices are emailed to you on acceptance of your venue listing on conference-sa.

Annual Renewal

Your listing is valid for one full year from the date your advertisement is live on the conference-sa website. Approximately one month prior to your listing expiring with us you will be sent an e-mail advising that your venue listing is due for renewal. You may then cancel or renew your listing.

Should you decide not to renew your listing with conference-sa, it is vital that you inform us in writing or email that you wish to remove, cancel your venue listing with us and to remove it from the conference-sa website.

Failure to notify us of your intent to cancel in writing will amount to an automatic renewal, in which listing fees for the following year become due and enforceable. Should it ever be necessary for us to take legal action due to non-payment of your account, you will be held responsible for any legal fees incurred.

Enquiries and our Privacy Policy

Under no circumstances may venues send unsolicited email to members of the public in response to enquiries they receive via the website. This includes auto-responders which advertise other products or other establishments. Any advertiser found to be violating this condition will have their advertisement removed without any discussion or refund.

Early Cancellations

Early cancellations are not eligible for any refund and advertisements cannot be "changed" from one property, company to another property, company or venue during the listed annual period. Listings may not be "put on hold" and then re-instated again at a later time.

Web site links

We do not display venue web site addresses on our website, although your listing will have a direct enquiry link to your venue, should it be required.

Copyright and ownership

Marula Marketing, Conference- SA reserves the right to make changes and when they are deemed necessary, to any and all pages on the conference-sa web site. This includes but is not limited to design layout, search methods, content, all coding etc.

No materials on the conference-sa website may be used for use in other publications, either online or offline. Permission may not be given under any circumstances to webmasters of other web sites to uplift photographs or materials from our site. This practice is illegal and we will take action against anyone who uplifts content from our sites without express, written permission from ourselves. (permission will not be unreasonably withheld).

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions:

By accepting these Terms and Conditions and by paying for listing on, the venue, advertiser, owner or company gives, Marula Marketing license to use the content or photographs on its web site. Conference-SA and Marula Marketing will not be held responsible for any infringement of copyright laws resulting from material supplied by the Listing venue, company or personnel and indemnifies and Marula Marketing against any action brought against them, legal or other, for breach of copyright or other rights from the use of such material supplied to us by the listing venue, company or advertiser.

Please note that we do business with our clients under these terms and conditions. We are not bound by conditions or instructions by the advertisers, company or venues which conflict with these terms and conditions.

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